Living The Impossible


to breathe in something from the outside so that it becomes a part of you, to transform you.

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The Real Magic of Transformation

Living the impossible.

Overcome fear & become the person you are meant to be in Living The Impossible. This life changing event with Mahdi Gilbert will inspire you to break through your limitations and shape your destiny.

Living The Impossible Motivational Speech


Unquestionable Resolve.

Find a way or make one

Defeat overwhelming odds in Unquestionable Resolve, a masterclass in perseverance. Walk through walls with renowned magician, Mahdi Gilbert and learn the art of enduring to conquer.


Planting seeds of hope.


Elementary Schools

The End of Hate

What if you could put an end to bullying in your school in one day? Mahdi Gilbert leads children away from the destructive habits of physical & psychological violence in The End of Hate.

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High Schools

Enduring The Storm

Overcome the negative forces that teenagers face with Mahdi Gilbert in, Enduring The Storm, a transformational experience that fosters personal growth, resilience, and community.

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Colleges & Universities

Directing Destiny

Life teaches us that the future built, and it is built with sweat and tears. Triumph over circumstance and uncertainty with Mahdi Gilbert in Directing Destiny, a guide to living the life you want.

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Youth Groups & Camps

Esse quam videri

Esse Quam Videri is Latin for To Be, Rather Than To Seem. Decide who you want to be, design your life and mold yourself into your vision in this practical workshop with Mahdi Gilbert.

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